About Darragh Mulrooney



Photography has been my passion since as long as I can remember. I’ve now made it an incredibly fulfilling career, I live and breathe it.

My original classical photographic training was on 35mm film in the late 1990's. After a 20 year career in digital marketing including Google and Facebook, I returned to my initial and forever passion; photography, and setup my own studio in Brixton South London; feastyoureyessstudio

It’s my purpose to create, beautiful, powerful imagery.

As an individual with a mixed Irish/African American heritage, I truly believe I’m lucky enough to have perspective that is indeed "dual citizenship". And that whatever your background, status, or outlook; we're all in this together.

I create prints that are life enhancing, liberating & full of beauty, inspired by my passion for photography to empower the viewer to think big. 

I genuinely hope that each limited run of prints brings people the same amount of joy and satisfaction that it brings me from creating them.

As you walk past the fine art prints on the wall, enjoy the moment....